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Kelim Start-up

Opening procedure


Tasting and visit

Visit the nearest store first andfeel the atmosphere and taste:)
If there is no overseas franchise, it’s better to visit Korea through the overseas branch and feel the taste and atmosphere.


Opening consultation

Visit the overseas head office directly or meet with the person in charge to discuss general matters related to opening such as commercial area and location analysis.
(Deliver disclosure document)


Store selection

Select a place you want and carefully discuss it with the person in charge on site to select the store.
(Interior surveying after store contract)


Franchise Agreement with head office

Sign a Franchise Agreement with the head office.
(Franchise Agreement, franchise deposit, interior contract)


Interior meeting and construction

Start construction after drawing meeting and quotation consultation
(Demolition, construction, goods and receipt of food ingredients, etc..)


On-site training conducted by the head office

If there is no overseas franchise, you must get an education in Korea.
(The training period is decided after consultation with the head office.)



From the day before the opening, open preparation and on-site training are provided at the store for 3 days with the overseas and Korean person in charge. Grand opening is performed through the whole process.
(On the day before the opening, temporary open)


Franchise management and checks

The Korean head office regularly visits the store in person after consulting with the store to provide on-site guidance for franchise management and improvement points.